About us

I have had a passion for all things food forever, I was brought up on a small holding in a rural part of Kent and our nearest neighbour was a mile away and the shops and local town were about 7 miles This meant that from a very early age I was taught that food doesn't necessarily come from a shop, in fact if we couldn't grow, rear or barter than we didn't have. Our food came direct from nature and not wrapped and packaged in plastic or boxes.

Throughout my adult life I have always enjoyed experimenting with flavours and "cooking" up some new recipe or other, then in 2007 I was lucky enough to be offered a dream job working for a "Blue Chip" High Street Chocolate Grower and Manufacturer. I spent a few years with this company learning and absorbing all things chocolate ( including probably eating my body-weight in chocolate!), this was encouraged!!

Finally I have now had the opportunity to put my knowledge and skills learnt into my own little "One Man Band" venture, where you will find Chocolate, sourced both ethically and sustainable from around the globe. These chocolates will be transformed into sumptuous products with care and above all time the raw products deserve. Many of my creations will be seasonal , as they rely on locally sourced ingredients, as well as global products too

The Story of Chocolate

Chocolate Origins

The natives of the Americas have been consuming chocolate for at least 3,500 years. The first “chocolate” was consumed as a drink, during religious events, and became one of the most valuable goods of the ancient world and was traded for precious cloths, stones and other high valued goods Long before the Spanish Explorers landed in the Americas the native people knew the benefits of this “sacred” bean, which has caffeine and theobromine.

The Original Drinking Chocolate

This was as far removed from the Drinking Chocolate we know today. This was a thick bitter drink which was made by harvesting, roasting hand grinding and then added to hot water and cornmeal with spices ( vanilla, chillies and other aromatic’s). It was poured repeatedly from a height from one vessel to another making it into a thick frothy drink. This was a drink of the Gods and as such was only ever consumed by leaders, merchants and warriors for celebrations or religious rituals

The Chocolate Process

The beans are harvested after they are tested for being ripe (usually by tapping the pod) after they have been cut from the trees and opened the white beans (also known as the seeds) are removed from the white pulp of the pod. Next they are fermented (which is where the beans are traditionally piled onto the ground and covered with banana leaves to keep heat in, although today's modern process copies this by them being placed in slatted wooden boxes know as “Sweatboxes” after fermentation process they are dried in the sun and are put through a process know as “tramping” or a long wooden shovel similar to a malt shovel known as a “robot” is used to turn them after the beans have been dried they are then roasted (depending on the amount of roasting time) enhances the beans end flavour

Processing the Chocolate

Now the beans have been roasted they are broken apart and the shells are removed. The remaining part of the bean is now known as the Nib. The nibs of chocolate are now ground to a very fine paste using stone milling stones. The friction of these stones turns the nibs of chocolate into a liquid. This process is known as “Conching” and can take anywhere from 24-72 hours. During this time not only does the liquid chocolate become smooth but the constant churning of the chocolate remove all the negative ions which if left in makes the chocolate bitter and very unpleasant to eat

Almost there .........

Now the chocolate has been conched it is poured into slabs and dependant on the end product is “aged” to improve the flavour. As Chocolate easily absorbs flavours from around it some producers use this to their advantage and age the chocolate with Vanilla, Spices, Whisky Barrels etc etc ...... the flavour combinations are endless. This is what adds the extra notes to the chocolate

The final stages ......... or just the beginning ??

The unfinished chocolate now goes through one more final phase to reach the finished product. All chocolate needs to be tempered a process where the chocolate is melted to an optimal temperature then cooled quickly to allow the crystals within it to realign to produce those perfect characteristics - it's “Glossy Shine”, it's “Snap” and that perfect body heat melting point ........ now just to mould fill and adorn for the perfect treat!

Artistic Influence

This is where we get to play with flavours, shapes and colours to make the perfect chocolate for you. We pride ourselves in unique flavour combinations including those classics such as fruit flavours to the more unusual flavour combinations such as wasabi, green tea and the like. A whole new journey begins ........... I do hope you join with us to explore the tastes of Chocolate?


The Rainforest where the climate is perfect for the growing of the Cacao Plant